The Advantages of Large Format Dye Sublimation Printer

For those who don’t know, dye sublimation is actually a very simple process. The process involves applying an image to the specially coated metals, ceramics and polyester clothing, using the three primary ingredients: Heat, sublimation ink and pressure. If you are a business and want to print logos and gifts, you want a reliable sublimation printer. With sublimation printing, you can put your prints on just about anything: caps, business cards, t-shirts, coasters, diaries - you name it. Sublimation also works for larger-scale prints, but as a business you want the best quality. The sublimation printer models available, whether Ricoh, Epson or one of the others, are not all created equally.
sublimation printer
Size is important when planning to purchase a sublimation printer and it’s wise to identify the largest printing project you anticipate doing. There are some printers that offer roll feed options, and this means being able to print onto continuous rolls of transfer media and not just on to pre-cut sheets.
With sublimation printing, apart from the different colours, you need to check out the capacity of the ink cartridges, so it is important to follow the instructions of the ink and printer manufacturers when it comes to printer maintenance. In the 21st century, where speed is the name of the game, everyone wants the fastest printer. When reviewing printing speeds, look at color printing and look closely at the image size used for the speed specs.
The Right Printer Brings to Life the Image in Your Mind
The imaging process works in a dramatic fashion. What you visualize you can put onto hard and soft products and change its looks entirely. Value-Rite have been in the business since 1991. With their amazing products and services, the concept of imaging - visualizing the image so vividly so that when success with your printing comes, it is merely echoing a reality that existed in your mind.