What's Uv Printing and What's The Benefits?

UV Printing is a fast growing technology in the wide format printing industry. New UV LED printing technology improved the printing speed and the quality of printing and expanded its capabilities with direct printing option.
uv printer
When we comparing the process of traditional printing like pad printing, screen printing and digital inkjet printing – the ink evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper. But in UV printer, the UV inks dries through photochemical process rather than the solvents evaporating in to the air. When the UV printing ink are exposed to UV light, they turn to a solid rapidly from liquid or paste. This happens because of less absorption of the ink into the stock and less evaporation of the solvents.
uv printing
Advantages of UV Printing
Flexibility of UV printing on a variety of substrates like glass, metal, plastics, acrylic, textiles, Leather etc.
High Print Quality- Sharp and clear images with vibrant colors
Durable prints – The UV print is more resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and sun light exposure.
Fast ink cure – The UV printing ink dries immediately. This saves your time for waiting the ink to dry.
No Odor – Eco- Friendly UV ink emits less volatile organic compounds and produces no odor.
Cost effective
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