What's the Best Way to Find Customers For Wide Format Printing?

Wide-format printing can be a very lucrative business. Once you get all the basics down and all the equipment and staff needed to run a wide-format printing operation, your next step is to start bringing in customers. This can be harder than it sounds. Customers don’t just magically learn of your existence and show up at your shop door with printing requests. They have to be advertised to and lured in. For traditional printers which are in the commercial printing business, it can still be confusing for them to know how to bring in new customers. Here are some of the ways that wide-format printing businesses have successfully attracted new clients and help their companies thrive.
wide format printing
Targeting the Current Customer Base
This tip applies only to the companies which started out as traditional printers and added wide-format printing as a means to serve the demands of the customers. Many customers who are in the market for regular printing will eventually need to use wide-format printing services as well. For example, restaurants may want you to print their menus for them, and not realize that they have large signage that also needs to be printed as well. Reaching out to any customers you have who currently need printing is a great way to expand your wide-format printers base. You just have to think creatively. Don’t just ask these customers if they need wide-format printing, suggest to them some possible uses for your wide-format printing services. You never know how they might respond.
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The Art of the Cold Call
One of the great things about wide-format printing which makes it so lucrative is that almost EVERYBODY needs signage. Look around you next time you’re driving through town. Almost every business you see has some kind of signage and some businesses need it a lot more than others. Cold calling in this sense isn’t necessarily going through a phonebook. In this case, write down every business you see that might need wide-format printing services.
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When you get home, sit down and call.  Again, don’t just ask them if they need your services, but give them some ideas for how you can specifically help them advertise their business. Show them some statistics as well relating to the success of advertising with signage. Cold calling, when done properly, can gain you clients you might have never gotten otherwise.