What Materials Can Be Used by Dye Sublimation Ink?

In the industry, many friends often hear about the sublimation of ink, and some of them are either because the ink is blocked, or because the ink quality is not good, the printed effect is not very satisfactory. For these problems with sublimation ink selection, we share some tips on how to properly select sublimation inks.
dye sublimation ink
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In the specific use of sublimated ink need to see what is in the field of nursery body? Many people still want to see the basic market evaluation, that is, when we approve of it, we can know whether it is reasonable, and can rest assured to choose, after all, this kind of water in the use of the process. There are many advantages that can be achieved. They are widely used in many textile industries. The raw materials made from the distribution of dyes are also better in actual performance and function, so you can choose to use them safely.
dye sublimation ink
Looking at the material of the body, it is now widely used to make some cloth, leather metal and other wood materials more, which means that the value of heat dye sublimation ink is more detailed to understand the use of the overall advantages of the tablet and popularity will be higher, so, in the choice of time must see whether the overall advantage of the value is not to play a role. A good choice of ceramic, glass and plexiglass sublimation inks when the actual effect or price comparison is that as long as we can understand in detail when doing these benefits can be learned from the value, in the whole market can know the role of ink is reasonable to choose.
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