Dye-sublimation Applications - Hard Substrates

Now we're looking at sublimation hard substrates. This is a clipboard that was sublimated on - so the board was blank and you add the hardware afterwards. Mugs. You know the personalized mugs. A lot of these are done with dye-sublimation. You print a mirror image onto paper. Cut off the paper. Wrap it around the mug and put this into a mug press. So you’re not limited to a flat surface. You can also have curved surfaces.
sublimation printing
sublimation hard substrates
These were sent to us to display in our creative center. This was sublimated onto. Obviously it was done with a specialized curved vacuum press. Quite interesting. Quite neat… some of the different things that you can do with dye sublimation printing.
Let's finish off with the powerpoint. Just a couple of more slides and then I will get to the questions. Some comparison numbers in regards to start-up costs. Let’s go over real quickly startup costs.
Cushions. You sublimate on to that. Actually, you sublimate onto paper or print onto paper, sublimate onto the fabric and then you finish it off.
Personalized bags. I know you see that all over the place.
sublimation purse
Great gifts. The flap in here is also dye sublimated. Just a lot of versatility. And as you can see, different shapes.