What's the Ideas of Dye-sublimation Applications with Sublimation Materials?

sublimation printing
For sublimation applications, let me show you a few examples. I have a couple examples of direct to garment prints to give you an idea. Then I have a variety of different dye sublimation printing examples for you to take a look.
What I will do is, I will start with just a couple examples of black or dark shirts that you can do with direct to garment printing.
dye sublimation printing
Something like this, you would lay down your white ink first. Some of the white inks will show. That will be part of your graphics. You'll design what prints and what doesn't print in your artwork and in your rip software. Something like this would be an example of “gosh i want to print something… I want to do dark Cotton” and direct to garment would be ideal for something like that.
sublimation printing
The neat thing, when you're doing printing, that is better than screen printing, is that you can do photos to gradient colors in multiple colors. With screen printing you're limited to just a few different colors before it gets really costly. But cost-wise, screen printing will be better for longer production runs.
For short production runs and customized shirts you can do something with direct to garment and it's definitely not limited to these black shirts. I just figured black would show one of the good points of getting a direct to garment printer.