How to Judge The High Temperature Sublimation Transfer Paper Correctly

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High-temperature sublimation transfer paper, is designed for high-speed inkjet printing developed digital thermal transfer transfer printing paper, suitable for high-speed inkjet printing and printing ink quickly dry, print can have a longer shelf life, to reflect the perfect line And print details, transfer up to 95%. High quality backing paper, excellent coating uniformity, flatness.
1, adjust the appropriate color density:
Adjust the color concentration in the computer to avoid the ink is too easy to dry the situation, after adjustment need to check the thermal transfer effect.
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2, adjust the appropriate hot pressing temperature and time:
Thermal transfer temperature range of about 180-230 ℃, time about 10-30 seconds, in the formal batch transfer should be done before the small test to determine the best process parameters.
3, thermal transfer hot pressing surface must be close:
In the thermal transfer hot pressing surface, thermal transfer paper, substrate surface must be close, there can not be gaps, otherwise there will be transfer graphics blur.
4, the advantages of thermal transfer paper:
High-quality thermal transfer transfer graphic colorful, rich, and its effect can be comparable with the printing, thermal transfer transfer is in the high temperature of the thermal transfer ink heated into the object, condensate after the formation of brightly colored images
Therefore, the thermal transfer products are durable, the image will not fall off, crack and fade. Thermal transfer of paper can be uniform, adequate absorption of thermal transfer ink, in the high temperature and there will be absorbed heat transfer ink completely released from the paper, the dispersion rate of 95% or more, the color transferred to the transfer object surface