Eco-friendly All Over Dye Printing Options

sublimation printing
The great thing about using sublimation printing is that the same print can be reused a number of times, saving the amount of ink used in the printing process. Due to the fact that the ink is transferred from the paper onto the garment, no ink is lost or washed down the sink. This removes the risk of water pollution and making this technique eco-friendly.
dye sublimation
However, there is a downside. As sublimation printing gets the best results when it’s used on synthetic materials, such as polyester, although the printing technique is eco-friendly, the product which the printing is done on is not eco-friendly. But don’t fear just yet, there is another option.
Continental Clothing does offer a bespoke printing service on larger, bulk orders. This makes an interesting option for larger companies or brands who want to print unique products for fashion resale and promotional merchandise purposes. Usually when people think about all over printing they think of dye sublimation printing. However, as mentioned above, this is only available with the use of synthetic fabrics. If you’re looking for a 100% eco-friendly printing technique and products, consider using this bespoke service. Continental allows you to choose the eco-friendly fabric that you like, it then dyes the entire roll before screen printing you design over the fabric. After the print process has been completed, the fabric is then cut and sewn into your garment, producing a 100% eco-friendly, totally unique product.
sublimation printing
This is a printing technique to have fun with. As mentioned before, there are so many different products which you can experiment with.