Tips Benefits of Sublimation Ribbon Heat Transfer Machine for Lanyards

ribbon heat transfer machine
There are 2 models of calender heat transfer machine for lanyards ribbon
Downward type heat transfer machine is the most popular for lanyards ribbon currently. There is a stand frame to make lanyards kept smooth and tight, which can increase your working efficiency and decrease the defective. 
The other one is upward type, this sublimation machine is the traditional calender for lanyards ribbon, there is a big table to make the lanyards go into the oil drum. 
heat transfer machine
The advantages of the sublimation ribbon machine as below
1. The blanket is made of imported DuPont raw materials, produced by Shanghai joint venture factory, with a thickness of 10%, good transfer effect and long service life.
2. It adopts 100% seamless tube drum, inside and outside the drum, external precision lathe, external fine grinding machine, and iron-plated Folong, to ensure the temperature of each point is consistent. Taiwan stainless steel heating pipe directly heats the oil layer and can be heated to 200 degrees in 45 minutes to 1 hour.
heat transfer machine
3. The main wall board (electric box) is made of 10% thick steel plate. 
4. Each of the off-axis is passed through the lathe, grinder, and then platinized. The error is controlled within 2 C. The blanket is not deflected under normal working conditions.
5. Electrical control. High-quality digital display, temperature, time control, higher precision
6. Import speed variable frequency motor, can adjust the speed according to different materials transferred.
7. Carbon brush conductive heating, conductive performance is more stable and safe.
8. The blanket is separated. When the power is off or turned off, manually operate the handle to separate the blanket from the roller to better protect the blanket and prolong its life.
heat transfer machine
9. The machine adopts the function of two discharges and two collections. It can be customized according to customer requirements.
10. Automatic machine shutdown function, set automatic idle time can be timed off, saving time for employees.
11. Independent positioning frame, positioning is more accurate, and the error is small.