Which Kind Sublimation Ink is Better for Your Inkjet Printers?

The Thermal Dye Sublimation printer works by placing four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, CMYK) of solid pigments (called color rolls) on a drum that is mounted on the drum. There are tens of thousands of semiconductor heating elements. When the temperature of these heating elements rises to a certain extent, the solid pigment can be directly converted into a gaseous state, and then the gas is ejected onto the printing medium. Each semiconductor heating element can be adjusted to 256 temperatures, which can adjust the proportion and shade of the color to achieve a true-color photo effect of continuous color.
sublimation ink
Sublimation ink, called thermal transfer ink, is a low-energy, sublimation disperse dye made into digital printing ink, printed on the transfer paper, through heating, the image can be made into fine porcelain in the shortest time, Metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials, is very suitable for the market needs of individual development and environmental requirements.
Epson surecolor sublimation printer, Mimaki inkjet sublimation printer is very popular for the clients who do digital textile sublimation. 
Epson inkjet sublimation printer show a great selective requirement for the epson ink. Most of clients use the original sublimation ink to maintain the printer printing well. 
mimaki ink
For some of clients aslo use the epson refill sublimation ink, quality is same as the original, and price is much cheaper than the original. 
Mimaki promote his new inkjet sublimation printer Mimaki TX300-1800B, which is fresh to the digital textile. 
This machine use SB420 sublimation ink.
Mimaki JV300, Mimaki TS3, Mimaki TS34 are very popular in sublimation textile industry. 
SB53 sublimation ink can be used well on the printers. 
We also supply KIIAN sublimation ink, J-teck sublimation ink for the printers. 
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