How to Select A Better Dye Sublimation Printer for Printing?

sublimation printer
The sublimation digital printing industry is one of the most profitable industries. This market has a great prospect. But if you are going to enter this industry, you need not only a clear business plan, but also a good sublimation printer. Because a good digital textile printing machine can help you in a shorter period of time back to this, but also help you in this market faster and more stable and gain a firm foothold. So what kind of digital printing machine is what you really need?
1.Both the accuracy and speed
Digital printing machine precision and speed is the key to the production cost and quality. And this is determined by the quality of the hardware used by the machine itself.
What is a good sublimation printing machine? Out of the above mentioned precision and speed, stable quality is also a very important part. If the machine strikes in three days, then the paper data is even useless. And stability is often experienced manufacturers can do it.
3.the cost of printing materials
Like the car, different types of sublimation digital printing machine, for the sublimation ink consumption is not the same, a good digital printing machine for you to save more ink, thereby reducing your manufacturing costs. But different from the car is that digital printing machine will not be compromised because of the performance and compromise.
4. profit margins
How much wealth can a sublimation  digital printing device bring to you? This is the beginning of the purchase need to take into account the problem. When the election machine if the blind pursuit of low prices, will only result in more consumables consumption, more maintenance time, and larger customers, orders loss, resulting in low profit margins.