Skyimage Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper Your Best Choice for Sublimation Printing

Skyimage dye-sublimation Transfer Paper is a premium quality transfer paper for textiles dye- sublimation market. The advanced coating chemistry of Skyimage Transfer Paper provides a light tack, excellent ink absorption, high transfer rate and confidence during transfers. The coating also provides fine, detailed definition with smooth gradient transitions.
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The superior choice of the paper raw fibers that eliminates head strokes, high transfer efficiency, dense blacks and rich vibrant colors, crisp sharp lines, detailed colors are achieved with less ink specially with sublimation inks.
Having the right dye-sublimation transfer paper can make a world of difference. To achieve the best possible imaging results, look no further than Texgraff dye-sublimation paper. Whether you are looking to print on fashion, sports or any other textile products applications, Skyimage will provide excellent results filled with rich, vibrant colors every time. At Multisystem Technology, we work hard to carry the best selection of dye-sublimation transfer paper on the market; by extensive testing on different materials and fine choice of products.
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This innovative combination between sublimation Inks and Skyimage paper incorporated guaranteed tack performance to prevent ghosting which is common industry production issue in all dye-sublimation process.
Sublimation paper for tshirt and textilesEliminating ghosting will lower production errors and greatly improves the speed capabilities of production. The new combination advantage of inks and paper allow us to take the major market share in Middle east and Africa textile printing market.
Skyimage is available in 24”, 36”, 44” and 66” widths and up to 200 meters in length, on 3-inch core. Products are shipped in strong brown boxes designed specially for long term storage periods.
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