Comparison Between Dx-8 and Dx-5 Print Head?

Reasonable Choice
For DX5 printer user, it’s painful to pay USD1000 – 1200 for new printhead every few months,  and it’s keep increasing. It’s actually not reasonable to buy a inexpensive printer while pay such amount for maintenance. DX5 users usually don’t really have other choice, until the DX8 finally launched.
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The latest Epson DX8 printhead got slight advantages in performance and huge advantage in price, USD300 only.
After DX8 printer are launched in middle of 2017, many DX5 users are already working on DX8 printers and are satisfied with its performance and … price of course.
Check out the picture below to find out more about DX8 and DX5 comparison.
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Easy Switch between DX8 and DX5
If you are familiar with epson DX5 printhead, we provide a solution to switch between DX8 and DX5 printhead. In SinoColor print system, the main board and carriage board are compatible with both DX5 and DX8 printhead, you’ll just need to replace the cable, damper, carriage plate and a convert board with a total amount less than USD300.
About DX7
You may also heard of DX7. DX7 was trying to replace DX5 but it failed due to lack of supply from Epson. DX8 has sufficient stock to guarantee it won’t have a sharp price increase like DX5.
Still Not Convinced?
Simple, all SinoColor models provide DX5 models, decision is up to you.
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