How to Solve The Sublimation Printing Environment - Humidity?

Many things may affect the effect of sublimation pritning process, including substrate and sublimation paper. Let’s talk about the common situation:
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 Color shifting (colors lose accuracy)
 Image bleeding
 Uneven transfer of solid filled areas of a design.
The high humidity will influence the drying speed of sublimation paper. It will be very low and the worse situation is caused by paper touching the printing head. Most of customers may have this problem. Therefore, it is very important to control indoor humidity.
I suggest every customer should have a hygrometer to measure temperature and relative humidity (RH). 
How can we do to avoid the effect of humidity of sublimation printing? So the followings are important humidity factors you should focus:
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1. Avoid the moisture that comes with your clothes.
First you should restore your sublimation paper carefully. They should be placed in a cool & dry place to avoid direct sunlight. When dealing with your clothes, if you suspect there may be moisture in it, you can pre-press the clothes for about five seconds to warm it.
2. Control the indoor humidity
You should control the indoor humidity from 50 to 60%. The 50-60% humidity helps keep paper smooth printing, and also make sublimation paper and sublimation ink dry quick. If the indoor humidity is too high, you can open your air condition to create a dry room of stable humidity and temperature. But it may cost you a lot of budget.
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