Pay Attention for Increasing Prices of Sublimation Transfer Paper

According to incomplete statistics, only on May 9th, 15 additional paper board stop notices were added to the Chinese market. The time for the suspension of the orders was 1-3 days, and a number of paper board manufacturers stated that they would be notified separately when they resumed orders. At the same time, there were another 37 cardboard price-raising letters, with the highest increase reaching 10%.
Sublimation Transfer Paper
On the one hand, due to the continuation of the strong environmental protection trend, the supply side of the paper industry has been continuously tightened, and the structure of supply and demand has been further improved. On the other hand, the rise in raw materials has led to an increase in the purchasing costs of enterprises, which has caused the rise in the price of paper.
Under the current policy, the waste paper price center has moved upwards, so prices may continue to rise. In addition, the demand for packaging paper market will improve in May. The temperature in most parts of the country will gradually increase, and the demand for beverages and beer will increase significantly. This will also drive the demand for boxboard corrugated paper. It is expected that the paper price will still have room to rise.
 Sublimation Transfer Paper
FW series quick-drying transfer paper has the following unparalleled advantages:
1.Lowest price, reduce the overall cost of the business
2.Environmentally-friendly paper, it is our obligatory obligation to protect the earth
3.Hight speed printing allows businesses to make efficient things in the least amount of time
4.Quick dry, time is the merchant's money
5.Smooth printing, let you feel the texture and softness of high-end paper
6.High transfer release, make your fabric colorful, bright colors 
 Sublimation Transfer Paper
Our FW series of quick-drying transfer paper sold by our company is mainly used in fashion and digital textiles. It can also be used together with Epson printers and Epson inks to provide a comprehensive solution for you.