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The Sublimation Technique of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Dye sublimation transfer printing has become increasingly more popular and affordable. The price of printers and the cost of inks are half of what they used to be. The market has matured, and the technology has become far more prevalent and available. This is due, in part, to a wide color gamut, vivid color, clarity of image, durability, return on investment, short run capabilities, personalization and quick turnaround times. The trending growth can be attributed to the influx of digital-based print companies and the ability to print on a variety of products. Dye sublimation has proven that it will be the decoration of choice, replacing traditional textile printing methods, and will stay around for many years to come.
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Dye sublimation application to the media can be either a one- or two-step process. A heat press is needed for both. The two-step process utilizes a more traditional method, where printed sublimation transfer paper transfers the ink or the “dye stuffs” to the polyester, polyester blend, or polyester-coated substrate. As the printed paper connects with the substrate in a heat press, the heat, pressure and time work together to sublimate, or gas the inks. The alternative process removes the transfer paper from the equation, allowing the inks to be directly dispersed. A heat press is still needed to fixate the inks into the substrate. This will improve the color fastness of the fabric and eliminate crocking. Both processes have several advantages and disadvantages.
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Money being an important consideration, a good rule of thumb is to buy the best heat press machine from a reliable manufacturer you can afford. Refrain from buying the cheapest machine, because chances are it will not stand the test of time, requiring the need to reinvest in another. Look for one that can be supported and has a warranty. Domestic manufacturers of the more expensive production machines typically offer faster response times for service, and carry consumable parts such as belts, heaters and electrical components. Consult fellow industry leaders; learn their thoughts and experiences with heat press manufacturers to assist in your decision making process.
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