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How to Identify Which One is Epson DX7 Printhead?

Nowadays there are quite a lot China made large format printer using Epson DX7 printhead. However, Epson has started encrypting some of its printheads including DX7. Many users who buy printhead from 3rd party may find his new printhead doesn’t work correctly, usually prints are with extra lines. That means the printhead is encrypted, thus incompatible with this printer.
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We recommend users buy new DX7 printhead directly from printer manufacturer, so that you won’t need to risk the compatibility issue. Contact SinoColor to let one of our sales expert help you. However, if you prefer to source the printhead by yourself, or you already got a new printhead, this article will clarify an easy method to help you identify the Epson DX7 printhead.
Currently there are 3 editions of DX7 head : Non-encrypted, 1st encrypted and 2nd encrypted. Simply check the printhead label, see the bottom line with 3 letters.
If the first letter is E/F, it’s Non-encrypted.
If the first letter is G/H, it’s 1st-encrypted.
If the first letter is J, it’s 2nd-encrypted.
How to Identify Epson DX7 Printhead
How to Identify Epson DX7 Printhead
Non-Encrypted printhead is universal, it’s compatible with all DX7 head printing system in the market, therefore it’s usually the most expensive one.
1st and 2nd Encrypted printheads are NOT compatible with most DX7 printing system, users need to contact the printer manufacturer to confirm their printers head compatibility. For example, if your printer manufacturer announces your printer system is compatible with DX7 1st encrypted edition, then you can use either 1st encrypted or non-encrypted DX7 printhead.
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