More Technology Details of MicroTFP Print Head on Epson Inkjet Printer

Sublimation Inkjet printers create output by ejecting droplets of ink directly onto a sheet of paper or other media. Broadly speaking, there are two systems for ejecting ink, piezo and thermal. Piezo systems use piezoelectric elements ("piezo elements") that contract under an applied voltage to eject the ink. Thermal systems heat the ink to cause it to bubble out. Epson's PrecisionCore printheads are a piezo system.
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Ejecting up to 50,000 perfectly controlled droplets of ink per second from each of the hundreds of independently controlled nozzles, these phenomenally precise and accurate printheads are core components in Epson's inkjet printers. Piezo systems are able to more precisely control the volume of ink ejected and the size of individual ink droplets than thermal systems, but piezo printheads are also structurally more complex and difficult to produce.
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To maximize printhead quality and productivity, we invested 40 billion yen to build advanced, fully automated production lines in Japan. Outfitted with Epson's own industrial robots, these lines employ a combination of inkjet technology fine-tuned over two decades and MEMS* microfabrication techniques that allow us to process parts on a submicron level.
* Micro-electro-mechanical systems, or MEMS, is a technology for fabricating microstructures, microsensors, microactuators, and microelectronics on a single silicon substrate, glass substrate, or organic material. MEMS also refers to devices that are fabricated in this way.
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TFP Printheads That Cannot Be Replicated
It would be extremely difficult for another company to replicate Epson's PrecisionCore printheads.
That is because only Epson owns the following three innovative technologies that are essential for the manufacture and assembly of MicroTFP print chips, the heart of our PrecisionCore printheads.
Thin-film piezo technology
MEMS technology
Ultra-precision assembly technology
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