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Do You KNow What's Epson 5113 Printhead & the Comparison of 5113 and Dx-5 Printhead?

With the epson fifth generation head of the shortage of supply and the price soaring, the market has launched the use of epson5113 print head digital printing machine (5113 for the eposn5113 desktop printer used to print the name of the head). 1. Epson five generations of the first reason is because Epson on the five generations of the first encryption, resulting in shortage of supply, the price soared, once the five generations of head out of stock, the use of five generations of users will have to phase out the equipment. 2. Because of the status quo of the five generations of the first 5113 print head by the equipment manufacturers optimistic, plus 5113 print head in the print speed is better than the five generations of the first ,so 5113 printhead is a creative ideal to do sublimation printing .
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Comparison Between Epson 5113 Print Head And DX-5
1. Cpmpared with Dx5 ,the advantage of Epson 5113 head as below: 1. numbers of nozzles: Dx5 get 8linesx180nozzles=1440nozzles,the smallest nozzle is 5PL.
2. 5113 head get 4linesx800nozzles=32 00nozzles.2.2times more than Dx5. 2. width of print head: the width of Epson 5113 head is 1.3" ,35% width than Dx5
3. 3. speed: due to more nozzles,Epson 5113 head with 3pass the speed can reach 35square meters per hour.
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4. Different from DX-5 head, 5113 print head is fast speed and price is cheaper than DX-5, meanwhile, due to more number of nozzles, 5113 print head can reach high production per hour, to some extent, High- intensity running may lead to short lifetime. maybe 1~2 years, i don't know very clearly how short, we should protect it, because many factors can damage your print head, such as sublimation ink, sublimation paper, printing environment etc
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From above all ,I believe that you know when to use DX-5 or 5113 printhead .DX-5 is used for high precision, low speed, suitable for high quality manufacturers to use; 5113 nozzle printer low precision, fast, suitable for low quality requirements, but the large-scale industrial production of the manufacturers use.
If you have any question about DX-5 and 5113 printhead ,welcome to contract with us ,we will give you best service and answer.
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