It's Time To Crank Up Productivity & Cut Costs - EJ-640 Large-Format Color Printer

A busy, high-volume print shop needs a printer that can deliver quality output at high speeds. Meet the new EJ-640 large-format color printer. With dual staggered print heads and a rigid new industrial design, productivity and quality are built in. So are big-time savings. The EJ-640 runs with new Roland DG EJ INK that costs up to 35% less than the competition. The result? High-volume, low-maintenance printing and bold, exciting colors with higher profit margins.
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Unshakable Performance, Even Under Pressure
Demand is high, business is cranking, so everyone and everything has to be clicking. The EJ-640 is your go-to large format digital printer for high quality, volume output of wall and vehicle wraps, posters, banners and indoor and outdoor signs. And with an integrated tri-heater system, advanced media handling, and high-capacity inks, you can spend less time operating the printer and more time making money.
More than a job, it’s your reputation coming out of that printer. Which is precisely why the EJ-640 large format color printer is designed to ensure quality results even at high speeds:
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Dual eight-channel Piezo inkjet heads house 180 nozzles per channel
Offset-positioned print heads move in a large print swath for increased production and follow a mirrored pattern to reduce the chance of banding
Advanced media feed allows media to feed through the printer accurately at high speeds     
Rigid industrial design ensures quality output
Patent-pending Roland Intelligent Pass Control system controls dot placement between passes, producing exceptional solid colors and photographic image quality
Variable dot control achieves smooth gradations and deep image saturation on a broad range of media     
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With a 64” media width and high print speed mode options, the EJ-640 produces vibrant, colorful banners.
The EJ-640 delivers high color density and exceptional images and text that are last up to three years outdoors without lamination. Choose from a wide range of both coated and uncoated media, including backlit film.
The EJ-640 produces outstanding photorealistic poster graphics regardless of viewing distance. Roland DG's state-of-the-art state-of-the-art Piezo print head technology creates beautifully smooth, band-free accurate color on a wide range of media – even at high print speeds.
Vehicle Wraps
Exceptional production capability, excellent imaging and unmatched reliability make the EJ-640 outstanding for vehicle graphics applications. Check out Roland Academy for information on our professional Born to Wrap™ workshops.
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