How to Distinguish Locked & Unlocked Epson 5113 Print Heads on Inkjet Pritner?

Epson 5113 printhead just listed when there is no encryption, the current encrypted 5113 printhead has been sold in the market, then how do we distinguish a 5113 printhead is encrypted?
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1. The printhead is required to be installed by professional persons.
2. Due to the nature of printer parts and the many factors that go into installing them, we do not accept returns or give refunds on electronic or service parts. Once the package is delivered, it is the customer's responsibility to check the package for damage. If there is any visible damage on the package, please refuse the shipment and contact us.
3. Please seriously pay attention on information of printhead model while purchasing from us. Once received your item, please inspect if the printhead matches up with the model you required. If you have any problems, it is very important that contact us as soon as possible before installing it onto machine. Please be aware that we don't accept any return and refund once the printhead is installed on the machine.
4. The fragile sticker pasted on printheads is a label to prove that such products are sold from our company. Please be aware that REMOVING the label and INSTALLING the printhead on your machine, you WON'T be entitled to our aftersales services including technical support, return and refund.
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There are four ways to distinguish:
1: from the two-dimensional code below the letters can be distinguished, the letters are G, GH, H, is not encrypted printhead, encrypted printhead two-dimensional code below the letter is GHR.
2: from the printhead cover the side of the code can also be distinguished, G54 the following figures are not encrypted printhead, and vice versa for the encryption printhead.
3: from the printhead cover on the side of the figures can also distinguish whether the encryption, as shown in the figure for the number 1 or 2 is not encrypted, and vice versa for the encryption printhead
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4: If you can not distinguish from the appearance of the above, can only open the 5113 printhead cover, from the circuit board to distinguish.
Please see the following picture of this comparison, the left side is only no encryption 5113 printhead, the right side of this is only encrypted printhead.
We pay attention to see the right side of the printhead with digital logo part of the encrypted nozzle in the 1,2,3,4 the four locations and the original unencrypted printhead is different.
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