The Procedure of Design Your Printing Fabrics with Sublimation Transfer Paper

Please carefully choose the type of sublimation transfer paper you need; either textile or rigid/super dry substrate paper. Textile paper is for printing fabric or t shirts for example. Rigid or Super Dry paper is for hard objects that accept sublimation printing. Please ensure your dimensions are correct and you've selected the right type of transfer paper for your project before proceeding to payment. Typically, transfer paper will be printed within 1 hour of placing your order.
Printed sumblimation paper
Upload your image the way you want it to appear on the finished product. Transfer paper is automatically mirrored for you to press. Do not mirror your design and finish it as you want to see it printed.
Sublimation Heat transfer paper between 180°C - 205°C. Time may vary between 50-110 secs.
Always test on a small piece to ensure the fabric or paper does not melt or scorch.
Suitable for polyester fabrics / substrate only
Paper sublimation ink print
This is not wet decal transfer paper. Our paper is to be used in a heat press only.
Note: Textile transfer paper: max 159cm wide | hard surface transfer paper: max 109cm width
Disclaimer: As stated above, our transfer paper is designed for use in a heat press machine only. If you want to use an iron or an alternative means of press, we advise you do so at your own risk. Perfectly transferring an image using transfer paper is a delicate process, and you must take into consideration the type of fabric, temperature, pressure and positioning. If you're using the paper at home, please be aware of and accept these risks that accompany it.
Printed sublimation paper transfer onto paper