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Pay Attention for Storage Your Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation paper is a very important line through the whole sublimation printing and transferring process. Mostly, the customers may purchase a large quantity sublimation paper at a time. While they can’t use them all at a time. So do you know what factors should you take care when store your sublimation paper? And How can you make it keep the high quality and performance? Read the following and I will share you the important factors that you should better consider.
Damp proof
No matter what kind of paper are very sensitive to the humidity in the air, and the moisture content of the paper will change with the air humidity, so as far as possible the digital sublimation transfer paper placed in a clean and dry place, not piled up against the wall.
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Prevent enfold
The paper should be pay attention to the fold . when we piled up the paper , Surrounded can not protruding. otherwise , it will lead to the  protruding part of the rupture , wrinkling , discoloration , so the paper need to piled up neatly
Prevent heat
Sublimation paper contains lignin, when it through the sun after insolation , the moisture content of the paper will be evaporated. what will be the result ? the paper will be embrittlement or deformation .
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Pay attention that the heat transfer paper storage environment temperature can not be too high. if more than 38 degrees, the strength of the paper decreased order to ensure the strength of the paper, should ensure that its storage environment at 18~20 degrees.
Okay, These all above are my share about the factors that you should better consider when store your sublimation paper. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you.
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