Methods of Dye Sublimation Printing for Sublimation Jersey

There are two ways to create a dye sublimation printed jersey.
Printing A Design On A Blank Jersey
This is the cheapest method and the results generally reflect the price. The print process will not go all the way to the edge of the jersey and the only jersey color available using this system is white as the print quality is too poor on colored jerseys.
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First We Print The Design, Then We Cut And Sew It Into The Jersey
This is how we do it at Just Vision It and it’s the only way to create a quality product.  We have a process in place which begins with assisting with designs, and then the printing of the material, followed by cutting and sewing of the product, and finally, packing the finished product to be delivered either back to the printer or direct to the client. Each jersey is cut and sewn in house so we can customize them to your requirements.  We sew special collars, pockets, seaming etc. We can also print and sew matching shorts and skirts.
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Dye sublimation Jersey printing is becoming increasingly popular in the USA and it’s no wonder. Dye sublimation printing has greatly reduced the cost of printing relatively small runs of unique items making it possible for businesses, schools and sporting clubs to affordably create quality jerseys for their teams. No more screen printed or iron on transfer style jerseys.
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