Do You Know What's the main Parts of an Sublimation Inkjet Printer?

The inkjet nozzles build up a whole page of text or graphics from millions of separate dots. Controlled by your computer, the ink cartridge scans from left to right across the page and back again, depositing ink as it goes. Each time it reaches the end of a line, the paper advances forward slightly so the next line can be printed.
With the front of my printer open, you can clearly see all the important bits:
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Gears driven by an electric stepper motor turn rollers that advance the paper through the printer.
A flexible ribbon cable carries printing instructions from the electronic circuit inside the printer to the moving cartridge. (Inkjet printers contain circuits that translate the instructions from your computer into precise movements of the printhead. The electronic bits and bobs aren't actually visible on this photo. There's usually a single, large circuit board somewhere in a printer with all the components mounted on it, including the control switches, LED display lights, and various connections to the printer mechanism and power supply.)
Plastic and rubber rollers pinch the paper tightly so it can be moved through the printer with absolute precision.
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A sturdy metal rail guides the printer head as it moves back and forth.
Spiked wheels at the front of the printer help to grip the paper securely and move it precisely.
The print cartridge prints from left to right then reverses the print information and prints backwards from right to left. This is known as bidirectional printing and allows pages to be printed much faster.
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