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More Details & Info of Sublimation inkjet print heads on Inkjet Printer

Sublimation inkjet print heads, currently used in Canon and HP inkjet printers, use heat and water-based inks for printing. Instead of using a membrane to build pressure and force ink out onto paper, heat is used to boil the ink and create an air bubble of ink vapor. The air bubble is then exploded as it's forced through the print heads nozzle. Once the ink is expelled, the chamber rapidly cools down and the process repeats. 
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Thermal print heads are compatible with aquas or water-based inks. A typical thermal print head used in Canon plotters has 2,560 nozzles per color, with matte black having 5,120 nozzles because two matte black cartridges are required. Thermal print heads can wear out faster depending on how much printing is being down and on what type of media. Printers using thermal print heads have been designed for easy print head replacement and can be done by the user without a service call. Thermal print heads are less expensive to replace as well.
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Depending on what you're going to be printing, it may be a good idea to look at the print head used in the plotter you're considering. Piezo print heads are used in plotters that print signs and banners because they can use solvent, eco-solvent and oil based inks. These inks are more durable for items that will be outside. If you are printing technical documents, presentations or posters that will be inside, then plotters using either print head will be suitable.
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