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Digital Sublimation with Sublimation Transfer Paper & Ink

Our textile sublimation process allows us to get full-colored images, with high quality, and better hand feel. This department is in charge of graphic development, digital printing, thermal transfer to fabric, and garment manufacturing. 
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Graphic development allows us to create customized garment patterns, using the customer-required specifications as basis, since the customer would decide measurements, designs, and specific colors in each of the designs. 
For the digital printing of the graphic art, we have high-technology equipment: Mimaki printers that are specifically calibrated with imported paints and paper, using state-of-the-art software for the handling of big-size files, as well as various quality formats and photographic details, equipment that is kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. 
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Everything in order to guarantee the quality of paints and paper, making sure that the printing is high-quality and precise. In the thermal-transfer area, the design transferring is done with an equipment similar to a grille (AIT), which keeps temperature and speed constant with the flow, as it is necessary to comply with a perfect quality in the cloth sublimation, inside a controlled environment, with smoke extractors and constant temperature. 
Our garment manufacturing is done based on the building specifications required by the customer, using the Leas Manufactures method, in order to guarantee a 100% quality, the complying with export dates for each order, and having a one-piece minimum order.
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