Some Transfer Problems of All Coated Transfer Paper

Inkjet, Laser Printers and Color Copiers
(This document is not for Dye Sublimation Papers)
BE AWARE… All transfer papers DO NOT work the same!
The instructions are different for different brands of paper.
ALWAYS follow the instructions that is specific to the heat transfer paper you are using. 
If you do not have a set of instructions, DO NOT use instructions from another brand of heat transfer paper!
Locate the heat transfer paper you are using on our website and click the link that says “Printing/Application instructions” that is located at the end of the heat transfer paper descriptions.
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There are three basic elements when setting your heat press to get good results…. 
TIME, TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE. When these three elements are balanced properly you will get professional quality results every time. This is not hard to do.
Paper does not peel easily or remains stuck after pressing
This transfer process was not completed. One of the three elements has been set too low. 
Start by making sure the pressure is set properly (Machine should “Snap shut firmly”). Pressure should be set: Medium/heavy.
If the pressure is OK, try increasing either the temperature or the time duration. 
See instruction sheet for recommended times and temperatures for specific products/fabrics being pressed. 
(Most common time settings on our transfer papers for mouse pads, t-shirts, caps, etc are 3-5 seconds)
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Ink/Image is turning darker or has a yellow or brown tint to it after pressing:
This transfer is being burned. First make sure your temperature is set correctly and that you are not pressing it for longer than the recommended time frame. The TIME and/or TEMPERATURE needs to be reduced.
Make sure you are printing on the coated side of the paper.
The back of the transfer paper has printing on it!
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