Why Mimaki Eco-solvent Printer Such Popular in Digital Printing?

Mimaki eco-solvent spray engraved machine CJV150-75 / 107
Cotton, dark fabric printing solutions
  Ideal for personalized T-shirts, caps, sportswear, luggage and other textile printing
Creative rapidly forming printing & cutting function
CJV150-75 / 107 built-in high-performance cutting function, only one device can make labels, stickers, car wrapping film.
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With a continuous cutting "continuous reading crop marks function"
Continuous read using various crop marks RasterLink6 configuration, according to the crop marks read position adjustment knife position for proper cutting.
Various cutting methods to meet a variety of needs
Cutting method that can be supported are the following: retention liner cut "half cut", cutting and hollowing backing to "die" sticker shape and pattern clip using POP bend line "line cut" .
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No label positioning print & cut / cut & print function
In the absence of state registration mark cutting, minimize waste material.
"Overlap cutting function / acute angle cutting function" can be achieved without cutting the remaining sharp cut
By cutting overlapping start and end points of the extended cut even thick or high viscosity material can be cut without residual perfect addition to the configuration of the acute angle cutting function, not only the starting point and end point, all corners are overlapping cutting. It can be sharp cutting.
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"Intermediate positioning standard" enables accurate cutting of long data
Read intermediate positioning mark, and staging of the cutting position is corrected so long and then a pattern can be accurately cut.
Applications: mimaki cjv150-75 spray engraved machine for stickers 75CM * 30M pretty weak solvent print and cut paper use.