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Sublimation Materials Buying Tips for Digital Printing Technique

As we all know it’s important to make sure to purchase a sublimation inkjet printer that’s designed specifically for dye sub applications.  “While these printers may look similar to eco-solvent printers on the outside, what’s ‘under the hood’ can make an enormous difference.” 
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We adds that’s it's important to keep in mind that dye-sublimation ink droplets are a lot smaller than eco-solvent ink droplets, so you need a printer that provides outstanding ink-firing accuracy. “Equipped with this type of printer, even if your graphics have a lot of fine lines and details, you’ll be able to achieve optimal image quality. You should also take a close look at the finished output (after sublimation). That will give a good feel for the quality of the printer and the inks.”
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You need make sure shops consider the overall productivity of the printer, not just in regard to speed, but also when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.  “Remember, less time spent to maintain and clean your printer means more time to print. Consider the printer’s overall cost of operation, too—not just the cost of the printer and consumables. Efficient dye-sublimation printers can save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run.”
Lastly, we adds to take into consideration what comes with the printer as well. “For instance, does it come with powerful and reputable RIP software?  How about a quality take-up system? Finally, consider the reputation of the manufacturer, the level of service and support provided, and the product warranty.”
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