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Buying Gudie of Heat Press Machine

There are different types of heat press machines such as the Draw-style Press, The Swing-away Press, Vacuum Press, And Clamshell Press. The main heat press machine types based on the way the Platen holds the material on it and the way it operates plus the amount of workspace needed for it to function are the Swing-away Press and the Clamshell Press. The swing-away press lifts and rotates the top platen about 100degrees or thereabout to the right while the clamshell simply lifts up the top platen allowing the bottom platen to be pulled towards the user.
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This factor is very important when choosing a heat press machine because the bigger the machine, the bigger the size of imprint it can make. Swing-away Press machines are usually around 9 x 12” to 16 x20” while Clam Press machines are 11x 15” to 16 x 20”. also, bigger machines are known to print multiple small sized items at the same time. The size to purchase depends on the users; there is no point getting a huge machine when you intend to be mobile like printing at a carnival or an event rather than being in an office/printing press waiting for clients to come meet you there.
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When choosing the right heat press machine for your needs, endeavor to pick the ones with the attachments you need. For example, if you want to print on caps, look for different sizes of platens for caps which can be used to swap out lower platens. Ensure the lower platen can be pulled out to install other sizes of platen attachments.
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