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Digital Multifunction Heat Press Machine for Sublimation Blanks

Is there anyone ever wondered how graphic designs move from the computer screen to objects? This is the work of a heat press machine. The machine uses a heat and pressure process to imprint any graphic or design onto a substrate material over a preset period. Substrate materials include fabrics, ceramics, paper of different textures and hardness and other products. This process of imprinting can be done manually with an iron or semi-automatically through the use of digital technology.
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That is where the heat press machine comes in; it ensures the necessary elements such as heat/temperature, pressure and accurate timing, are properly utilized in the heat transfer process. With the manual process, the colours come out weak and in need of extra coating but with the heat press machine, the design comes out as near perfect as the actual graphic design. The image transfer is usually of a permanent nature and can be used to print singular items or in bulk.
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This equipment is used regularly to print on items for publicity purposes during marathon races, church events, rallies, etc., for identification like printing of company or non-profit organizations’ logos and colours for their workers, or even for artistic expression like printing of creative abstract art, words or cartoon characters on materials. Some use it to print on items for tourist and wedding souvenirs, or print on items for sale like jigsaw puzzles. It is something every graphic printing business needs.
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It is easy to use even for beginners with no prior experience in the printing business, takes up small space in your workshop/press, it is cost effective in terms of price and labour (needing very few persons to operate and manage it), quality of print output is guaranteed, it is a faster way to print rather than printing with manual devices, and it is versatile in its functions, making it easy for owners to take print orders of a wide variety e.g. it can print on umbrellas, spandex, mousepads, tiles and many more. It even allows for a process called sublimation, which is similar to laminating a document after printing except in this case it is any material you print on that can be sublimated.


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