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Heat Transfer Paper is not Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Paper is not Heat Transfer Vinyl! Heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl are all heat transfer materials, it can be used in clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other textile products, in the use of overlapping areas. Heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl are all through the heat transfer pattern will be transfer in the top of the media, play a modified role. So the role of such acquaintance of the two things, do you want to understand the difference between Heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl? Let me give you explain:
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1. Heat transfer process is different
Heat transfer vinyl: first, Cutting the logo via vinyl cutter machine for Heat transfer vinyl and peel out the excess part, transfer the logo on fabric. tear off the PET release film and then finished. And printable heat transfer vinyl is printing the logo on the vinyl, the same tear off the excess part and other heat transfer vinyl’s procedures.
Heat transfer paper: heat transfer paper with design originally,cut off and peel off the the layer of the film which without design. And transfer on the fabric.
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Second, the characteristics of different
1. Shape: the shape of the heat transfer film is usually the main color, the surface sometimes because of the different technology will appear metal texture, flashing appearance and so on. The shape of the heat transfer paper is usually determined by the customer's choice of patterns, customers in the order of ironing paper, the first map should be sent to the company, the company tried to test samples, and finally mass production. So the pattern of heat transfer paper is determined by the customer selected pattern
2. Nature: heat transfer vinyl with a soft feel, can be stretched, high cover, the high temperature hot stamping is not deformed, easy to carve, cutting, waste discharge characteristics, while SGS (7) environmental testing and Oeko-tex detection. The Heat transfer paper is good elasticity, resistance to stretching, washing effect is good, applicability, washing effect is good, fine lines after the high temperature hot no change after the deformation, thick color, screen printing color printing, etc.
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In summary, the difference between the heat transfer vinyl and heat transfer paper,  we should be able to clearly know, one is cutting then transfer and printing then cut and transfer.


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