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What will be the main concerns for the traditional dye-sublimation printing user?

What will be the main concerns for the traditional dye-sublimation printing user? the answer is sure the printing speed! 
For traditional dye-sublimation printing equipment( not for directly printing), 2 or 3 years ago, we may think its the world for Mimaki, Mutoh, or Chinese made Epson DX5 printers. However, things has been changed from 2016. As we can check in the exhibitions this year, most of Chinese printer manufacturers are starting to promote the new Epson 5113 printhead sublimation machine. This printer was popular due to its higher printing speed while the higher resolution, what's more, the head cost is much lower than DX5 printhead. 
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As we know, The normal 1 head or 2 heads dye sublimation printer printing speed is too slow, As such, clients have to increase their equipment quantity to meet the massive production. Which means the factory rent cost, labor and management fees were increased correspondingly. This year, we launched our unique 4 heads EP5113 Printer which solve the problem totally, the new printer speed could up to 150㎡/h.
Dika printer has deeply influenced the traditional sublimation printing market by its extremely speed and stability. the details introduction of this 4 heads equipment could be found below:
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1) Adopt super power gas-filled take up& feeding system which could feeding 500M paper roll freely. What’s more, the media feeding and taking up becomes more accurate than before. This is definitely a multi-functional machine for massive production.
2) Using positive ink supply system.Bag ink package could strictly proof the air bubble while printing, which assure the long time printing without ink blocked problem.
3) Outstanding mechanical precision:Printing platform’s precision was strictly controlled within 10 dmm.
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4) Customer could select instant drying ink, which means the printingjob will dry soon once finish printing.This design no need the infrared heater, decrease  power consumption and environmental friendly!
5) 4 heads stagger arrangement, which expands printing speed extremely!
6) Media-end detecting device.Printer will stop printing once the media run out.
7) Automatic up&down printhead maintenance system.Easy to clean the head and protect the head automatically.


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