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Rotary Sublimation Heat Press Machine for All Over Printing

Sublimation printing is a unique process in itself, as it allows users to imprint designs and images onto products which have a polymer base or coating. It works through using a heat press and can print onto a range of items including: polyester white shirts, jerseys, mugs, mouse mats, phone cases, trophies, clocks, key rings and many more.
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Process is simple yet problem could arise when you are using a large format heat press that has cold spots or heat is not equal. When purchasing a heat press always consider the make and the quality of the equipment. Some rotary heat press machine can only operate for a couple of hours as it can not handle too much heat on its heating element.
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Below is a sample print using our Skyimage Heat Press Machine 80×100″ . Skyimage is a trusted brand in manufacturing large format heat press machine for Full Sublimation. You can also choose from bigger sizes such as 100×120″ and if automatic or manual. It has a very accurate heat and its heat platen can handle long hours of continuous use. There are many fabrics to choose from for Full Color Dye Sublimation Paper. You can use any 100% polyester fabrics and here are some of our best seller fabrics by TexStyle Graphic Sublimation Fabrics:  Polydex AG, MicroMax AG, FullMax and SportsMax AG.  These fabrics are used for Sports Jerseys, Pillow Covers, Soft Signage, Fashion Design and a lot more.
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