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Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper its Advantages Can be Divided

Sublimation Heat transfer paper its advantages can be divided into the following points:
1.100% sustainable wood pulp, 100% renewable
2.100% non-bleached fiber without adding brightener, without chlorine, no harmful gas emissions during transfer
3. Hybrid double coating structure, support saturated printing 400% ink without film crack, no backside penetration, good sublimation paper smoothness, high print accuracy, structured, wide color gamut
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4. Different surface tension of the ink compatibility, high tolerance, support for industrial-grade unattended operations
5 full-width error <2%, reel cut neatly, precision paper, back wet process technology on both sides without warping, wet deformation strength, a large number of high-speed low-speed printing does not deformation, nozzle scratch
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6. High capacity to absorb ink, dry and fast to reduce the passive drying, effectively improve the production efficiency, flower paper no longer pollution, reduce the rejection rate
7. High thermal stability, no deformation, no wrinkles, high sublimation paper strength, easy to break
8. High ink utilization, high transfer rate
9. Flower paper drying time difference without color, color performance is stable
10. Full online control, evaluation system, quality and stability, effective coverage of the radius of service
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