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What do you need to start sublimation printing?

Digital printing is a great substitute for traditional print. Over the last few years, the graphic printing and the textile printing industries have adopted digital printing methods. Some of the primary reasons behind adapting to digital printing are the possibility of personalised printing, cost-efficiency, and flexibility of the machines.
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The textile printing industry is replacing their traditional screen-printing technique with digital textile printing methods. Sublimation printing is an ideal digital alternative that offers multiple colour printing, photographic imagery and personalised printing possibilities.
What do you need to start sublimation printing?
Sublimation Printing carsA high-quality printer and sublimation ink are the essentials to start sublimation printing. Some of the top printers designed especially for sublimation are The Ronald Text RT-640 and XT-640. These printers come with four and eight colours (CMYK, Lm, Lc, Or and Vi).
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You need RIP software to control the printer and start the printing job. To develop high-quality sublimation prints, you need a sublimation paper or transfer paper with high ink absorption and drying feature. Remember, the paper should stay flat otherwise the end results will not be same as you want.
You need heat and pressure for sublimation process. However, for a roll-to-roll sublimation, you need a calendar. Select 100% polyester fabric for better results.
For beautiful, creative and professional sublimation printing.
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