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How to Avoid Some Problems of Sublimation Textile Printing?

In the sublimation printing process, the necessary material is the digital printer, sublimation paper and the sublimation ink. And the in the usage of them, sometimes we may certainly make some mistakes and ignore them. Then the patterns printed will getting worse. 
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The Check Problems of The Print Head
If the color of your image is off.  For example, if your image has a red tint, or other color tints, there’s a high chance that it is because your print heads are not firing properly in your sublimation printer. So we suggest daily print head checks to prevent virtually all clogs.
Then how to solve this problem? Very easy , If your print head  check isn't perfect,just clean your nozzle head through your OEM printer driver or through the power driver that you downloaded. And then, perform another nozzle check.  Sometimes it may require more than one head clean to clear the clog.
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The check of the right printing side of your sublimation paper
Sublimation requires special sublimation paper for the sublimation inks to release properly when heated.  It is easy to mix up sublimation paper with normal paper as they are both white and feel very similar to one another.  Most standard sublimation papers are only coated on one side (however there are some that are coated on both sides).  You can compare the two sides of the paper to tell sublimation paper and plain paper apart.  The coated side is usually brighter than the uncoated side.  With plain papers, both sides will be the same brightness.
Then I have a detailed introduction about how to distinguish the right printing side of the sublimation paper. What ever the roll size or the sheet size sublimation paper. You can click the following picture to read the article.
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